Gleason - Canyon - LAF Sofa & RAF Sofa with Corner Wedge Sectional

Understanding Sectional Furniture Terms

RAF, LAF, LOL? What? Confusing isn’t it…

This guide is meant to help you understand the industry jargon. Sectionals can come in a variety of configurations. 

Sectional Terminology:

  • RAF (Right Arm Facing): When looking at the sectional piece the arm is on the right side.
  • LAF (Left Arm Facing): When looking at the sectional piece the arm is on the left side.
  • Armless: The piece has no arms on either side so it can be placed between other armless pieces and/or RAF and LAF pieces.
  • Wedge: A corner piece that has no arms and can be used with RAF or LAF pieces, armless pieces, and even sofas and loveseats with arms.
  • Console: Can be placed between two pieces without arms.

Sectional Types:

  • 2 PC. Sectional: A two piece sectional has one RAF piece and one LAF piece.
  • 2-PC. Chaise Sectional: A sectional with an RAF or LAF sofa and a LAF or RAF chaise.
  • Individual Piece Sectional: A sectional that has three or more pieces available that can be used to produce numerous configurations.
  • Sofa and Loveseat Sectional: A sectional that uses a wedge to connect a sofa and loveseat, two sofas, or two loveseats to make a sectional.

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