Enviromentally Friendly Adirondack Furniture

Enviromentally Friendly Adirondack Furniture


Solid, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, makes this furniture

the Smart choice.  Made from recycled milk cartons, these chairs are

impervious to rain and snow, and will not blow away in the wind.

• Durable, maintenance-free poly lumber
• Sturdy mortise and tenon construction
• Long-life Sure-Lok® Joints
• Stainless Steel Hardware

• Guaranteed against twisting

• Specially-formulated Ultra-Violet (UV) stabilizers
• Solid color pigments run through the product
• Mold and mildew resistant
• Rounded edges
• Stands up to rain, wind and salt spray


  • Color: 23 colors available.
  • Fabric: Recycled bottles and milk cartons.
  • Store Location: Garfield Ave & US 31

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